Safety & Risk Management

At CASM, our #1 priority is the safety of our employees and those whom they work with. That’s why our employees are required to pass a pre-hire safety assessment to┬ádemonstrate their commitment to safe work practices. It’s also why we thoroughly vet our potential staffing partners and clients; to ensure they have an acceptable safety program established before we place a single employee on assignment.

Safety and Risk Management

  • “In Aviation, safety is non-negotiable, it’s required.”
  • Our hiring standards screen for safety knowledge and unsafe behaviors. We make it a priority to aggressively manage the risk and safety of every employee on every job by creating a culture of safety.
  • The CASM Worldwide team will evaluate, mitigate and promote a safe working environment. In addition, we will partner with you on creating safety plans, training and procedures to make every job site, every associate and every project safe. Every day!